¡Prepara tu hogar para el otoño!

Prepare your home for fall!

We are not going to deny it, the last months of the year we tend to stay mora at home, we enjoy home and we like to be with a good hot drink and a blanket on the sofa. Get ready to feel like never before!

Fall is a lovely season that brings with it changes in weather and a warm color palette. It is the perfect time to prepare your home and make it more welcoming and comfortable. Here are four key tips to get your home ready for fall.


1. Fall Cleaning

Before you begin, make a list of specific tasks you want to complete. Having a plan will help you stay organized and make sure you don't overlook any important details.

Summer can accumulate dust and dirt because we tend to air the house much more, so thorough cleaning is essential. Clean windows, vacuum carpets, and go over all surfaces to make sure your home is sparkling clean.

2. Autumn Decoration

Get rid of the unnecessary. Fall cleaning is a perfect opportunity to remove clutter from your home. Go through each room and decide which items you no longer need. You can donate them, sell them or throw them away, as appropriate. The less clutter there is, the easier it will be to keep your home clean and organized.

Incorporate autumn elements such as dried leaves, pumpkins, and scented candles into your decor. Opt for warm colors such as orange, red and brown to create a cozy atmosphere in your home.

3. Keep Warm

With the arrival of autumn, temperatures begin to drop, so it is essential to ensure that your heating system is working properly. Clean chimneys and stoves, and schedule professional maintenance if necessary. Additionally, seal windows and doors to prevent heat loss and reduce energy costs.

4. Change of Bedding

An easy way to prepare your home for fall is to change the bedding. Replace light sheets and quilts with warmer duvets and blankets. Add decorative pillows that reflect the autumn color palette to add a cozy touch to your bedroom.


With these tips, you'll be ready to fully enjoy the beauty and comfort of fall in your home. Take advantage of this opportunity to renew your home and your mind!

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